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Hi everyone! How was your Easter weekend?? Who’s in chocolate withdrawal? Hehe. I actually only had two tiny eggs. Talk about willpower huh!


My weekend was wonderful. I took a train to Ottawa on Saturday afternoon. My dad Carlos and my little bro Carlos Jr came to pick me up at the station. Went over to my dad’s house for some home-made mastaca (a succulent rustic Peruvian dish made with vegetable, lots of spices and chicken) and some much-needed catching up. My brother showed me his always-growing guitar playing skills, he blows me away every time I hear him play! I let them hear some rough mixes of my new songs and they LOVED them. I’ve been waiting a long time to be able to share my new music with them, and get their feedback, and it felt so nice to finally do it!


Then on Sunday, I went to pay a little visit to my childhood best friend and her three boys (yep, three!!!). They are adorable.


William, Nathan and Gabriel, such sweethearts!!!

After my visit with those cuties, it was time for Easter brunch with the Gougeons, my mom’s side of the family. For the past few years now we’ve been going out to eat. Easter in the Gougeon family has always been more about brunch than about dinner. For as long as I can remember, my grandparents have been hosting Easter every year. In my family we are all about home cooking of course, but a while ago we decided to make it easier on everyone and try something different, so we all went to a restaurant. Everyone can relax, sit around the table, get waited on and enjoy pleasant conversation with one another. No one is slaving over the cooking and the cleaning and the setting the table… (we do enough of that at Christmas time to last us for the whole year! Lol). It’s easier on everybody and we always have a great time. In 2010 we decided to try out the special Easter brunch buffet at the Casino du Lac Leamy, and it was a hit! We’ve been going back there since then. Their food is amazing and afterwards we allow ourselves to give into a tiny little bit of gambling – I’m talking 5 cent slot machines and electronic horse races, no scary poker or black jack!!!


After we left the casino we went to my aunt’s house for a chocolate egg hunt (the best part of the day of course!). Everyone was dying for me to let them hear my new songs so we had a little listening party. My loved ones had some very constructive and positive feedback, which I couldn’t felt happier about.


That night I went back to my dad’s for dinner. Dad, little bro and I went to our favorite spot: Lone Star! I’ve been going there with my dad since I was 5 or 6, and we’ve kept the tradition going when Carlitos was born. Not only is the food fun and tasty, but we know almost all the staff there and they are so friendly. We had a wonderful time sharing stories, pico de gallo,  laughter and shrimp fajitas.


The weekend went by terribly fast, and before I knew it I was boarding train 657 back to Toronto. It’s back to work tomorrow, I’ll be in the studio all day for some final tweaks and we’ll be entering the mixing phase of the process! I cannot wait for you guys to hear the new songs and tell me what you think! The anticipation is building up every day!!!


I took this photo of beautiful lake Ontario from my seat on the train.



Happy Wednesday you guys, stay well, healthy and happy!!!

Eva le Dragon xoxo