From the blog...

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my brand new website!!

So, after spending some time living in Montreal for almost two years, I’ve just recently moved back to Toronto! I’m super excited about that, and to embark upon my new career projects. I also can’t wait to share it all with you guys! I’ll be writing more about those projects in the next few blog posts.

As some of you know, I grew up in Gatineau, Québec. Post Idol, I lived here in TO for four years, but after a while I thought it would be awesome to get back to the roots and live in my home province for a while. I really wanted to spend some time there to get a true sense of what the Quebec music industry is all about and soak up all the Quebecois culture!

While living there I got to reconnect with some of my high-school friends who live in Montreal which brought us significantly closer together J I also thought it would be great to live just two hours away from my family, who for the most part all still live in Gatineau. I have to admit I’m such a mommy and daddy’s girl, lol… Can’t stay away from them for very long.

Anyway, life in Montreal really helped me grow as an artist. The music scene in Quebec is filled with some remarkable artists. The best part is, I got to meet and work with a bunch of them, which was such a privilege. Soon after my boyfriend and I settled into our new home in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal, I started calling friends and setting up meetings with new people. My goal was to make some new connections and start building a new network. Soon enough, I started collaborating with terrific writers and musicians, including Corneille, Fred St-Gelais, Marie-Mai, and other super talented cats. I then started performing here and there with some fantastic bands and artists, and took part in a variety of shows and events. I’ll get into more details about those shows in a future blog post coming soon!

One thing I’d like to set straight is that I love Montreal just as much as I love Toronto. People always ask me to compare both cities, like “Which do you prefer Eva, Montreal or Toronto?” That’s like asking me “who do you love most, your mom or your dad?” LOL! For real though, I adore both cities equally, because they are so different from one another. As I’m typing these words my mind is racing and I’m getting the urge to write a completely separate entry on this matter lol. But in a nutshell, Toronto and Montreal are both beautiful, rich in culture, extremely entertaining, and I can call both home! That’s what is essential for you to know.

Ok well, I’m gonna sign off for today, but please do check back often as I’ve set a goal for myself to start writing blogs regularly! I might even sign up for the famous Blogspot.

I’m back Toronto! Lots of new adventures to come: new experiences, new people to meet, new wisdom to gain… hehe.

Much love and a big smile,

Eva xoxo