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Hello friends! Hope you all had a wonderful week, who was on March break?? Sad it’s almost over I bet?

Well here I am back in Montreal, just got in tonight by VIA rail. Did I ever mention  how much I adore taking the train? It’s fabulous. You board downtown, you get off downtown. It’s much less expensive than flying, plus you can relax and enjoy the WiFi on board. I love it. But what I don’t love, is how much colder it is over here than in Toronto!! It’s -10 and I only brought my automn jacket and boots… booo. I always find it astounding how big of a temperature difference there is between TO and Mtl. Also, the sun sets a bit earlier in Montreal, did you know that?

So my trip is super quick, almost in and out. I’m taking part in the Big Bang show on Friday night, at a very special charity gala for children in need. I’ve been performing in the Big Bang show for a couple of years now, it’s so much fun. Basically, it’s a big musical party on stage, with three singers (two girls and one guy), and four amazing dancers. The show travels through time with some 80s, 90s and latino medleys, it’s super entertaining and we make people DANCE! The singers have to learn a bit of choreography, and it looks very cool. Here’s a picture of a previous dance rehearsal:



Working it!


So, aside from that, I am so excited because next week I am going to the studio for the famous “clean-up” days! Rob (my producer) is sending me new versions of all four songs this week, and my team and I have to listen and take notes. Whatever needs to be addressed and worked out, it all gets “washed up” on clean-up days 🙂 Yay!

So, TGIF everyone! Enjoy your weekend, stay healthy and safe, and stay tuned!!!

Until next Friday funday 🙂

Eva le dragon