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Happy last weekend of April everyone!! Can you believe May is only in 3 days?? Crazy. This weekend is bringing us some lovely weather. That makes me very very happy. Perfect weekend to get started on a spring clean, and perhaps to have a little BBQ 😉

This week was a good one for me, we’re getting ready to release the new music in just a few short weeks. It’s all a matter of strategy planning and timing at this point. Also, I spent some time getting ready to launch a project on Pledge Music, which is an incredible innovative platform where artists can engage their fans as they build new projects… To all my artist friends, and to my beloved fans, you should definitely check out their website: I will be launching my very own Pledge Project before summer comes around! And I’m going to want your involvement! So stay tuned :):):)

I was writing every day this week. It’s really important to me to maintain my creativity and to work on my songwriting skills as much as possible, wether I’m writing songs for my future album or simply writing great songs that can have the potential to get pitched for TV, film, other artists, commercials, you name it. There are a tremendous amount of possibilities when it comes to publishing and song placement, so I am very enthusiastic about working on developing those connections and perfecting my art 🙂 You know what they say: practice makes perfect! Well… nobody and no craft is ever perfect, so let’s say… Practice makes pretty darn great, hehe.

One of my sessions was with Diego Las Heras, a chilean producer and songwriter, whom I met through my good friend Anthony Wright (who plays keys for me!). We got together with James Truthers, an amazingly talented singer-songwriter from Winnipeg. This was my first session with James, and we hit it off right away. We wrote an awesome song with lots of attitude, a bit of a “tell-off” break-up song 😉 I don’t do a lot of those very often, so it was a great time! James is a great guy to write with, he and I were top-lining (coming up with the melody and and lyrics), and Diego was our track man 😉

Then later in the week I was working with Julie Crochetière, you may remember her from the pop girl group Sugar Jones, from the TV reality show Popstar! Remember that?? Hehe. I was obsessed with their first two hits, “Days like that” and “How much longer”. Julie and I had been writing together since 2008. She’s also Québécoise, from Montreal, so we clicked right away 🙂 I don’t know too many people from Quebec living in Toronto.

Julie and I work together on adapting some of my new songs to french. She has a 6 month-old baby, Sam, who is completely adorable. (I mean, just look at the photo below!) He is too cute for words, and he seems to really like me, he was giving me kisses and whenever I held him he was all smiles 🙂 So, Julie and I got some good work done, and we are getting together once again next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Today I’m taking some time to study our repertoire for the Vikings benefit show coming up May 14th in Montreal, “Britannia Rock”. Lots of harmonies and lyrics to learn, so I printed all the lyrics and organized my show binder 🙂 The repertoire is insane, from David Bowie to Eurythmics, and let’s not forget Queen! Cannot wait for that show.

Sending you all much love!

Until next week,

Eva Le Dragon



James Truthers and I – brainstorming on lyrics!


Me, songwriter/producer Diego Las Heras and singer/songwriter James Truthers




Those are some, um, unusual bikes.



Getting work done at singer/songwriter Julie C’s house is quite difficult when you have such an adorable distraction!