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Hello my friends!

Welcome to my Friday Funday blog! This week I decided to talk to you about healthy travel snacks! I got the idea during my 48-hour trip to Montreal last week. Between hopping from one place to another (the train, rehearsal, soundcheck), I found myself craving healthy and substantial snacks that are easy to take with me in my backpack, so I came up with the idea of sharing my preferred ones with you.



–       Instant oatmeal: Oatmeal is super rich in fiber, relatively low in calories and is so tasty. The great thing about it is in order to prepare it, all you need is hot water! I always carry a few pouches with me when I travel. It’s ideal for hotel rooms, because you can use the little coffee-maker and a paper cup and voilà! Breakfast in a jiffy. I actually eat it not only for breakfast, but for an afternoon snack or for a quick fix if I’m hungry before bed.


–       Fruit and veggies: Stating the obvious, but fruit and veggies are two of the healthiest snacks you could ever choose. Fresh fruit and vegetables can last several days out of the fridge. My favorite fruit are plums, peaches, clementines and bananas (but they have to be pretty ripe! I hate when there’s still a bit of green on the peel! Anyone else with me on this?) And for veggies, I’m a sucker for baby carrots dipped in hummus!


–       Crackers: Not all crackers are healthy, but some are actually very decent. I particularly like the Kashi vegetable crackers, or some of those brown rice crisps. If you can get your hands on some pico de gallo or salsa then it’s a bonus!


–       Yogurt: Greek yogurt is the best option. It’s rich and creamy, yet has no fat and is super high in protein. My top pick is Liberté blueberry. I like to add in some All Bran or Multigrain Cheerios for extra substance and crunch!


–       Raw almonds: Almonds are ultra high in protein and so yummy. Grab a handful anytime and anywhere. I love them after a workout or at the studio.


–       Ok I know this is number 6 but I had to include this one: String cheese! Looove those. They’re so much fun to eat and so easy to just grab and go! I often take one with me whenever I step out of the house. For one piece, only 60 calories and tons of protein.


Thanks for reading! Let me know your favorite travel snacks too!!! Happy weekend everyone!!!