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Hey everyone! Hope the weekend has treated you nicely!


Well, Friday night was a tremendously special night for me. I had the privilege to be a part of a show call The Songwriters Circle, a fundraiser where all the profits would go the Westacres Public School. It was held at the Cawthraw Secondary school in Mississauga. My good friend and producer Rob Wells is in charge of putting this event together, and a while ago he asked me if I would perform and I accepted right away. The concept of the night was to reunite a small group of songwriters, and have us perform some of our very own works, all in an acoustic and intimate setting. We also shared the stories behind each of those songs, the stories that sparked the ideas for the music and the lyrics. I was honoured to be asked to participate and to pass on my experience as a singer and a songwriter, but little did I know I was in for an incredibly educational and inspiring night myself πŸ™‚


The other guests whom I shared the stage with that night were Michie Mee, a super charismatic female MC who’s made her mark on the Canadian urban music scene; Bryan Potvin, formely of the band The Northern Pikes and an incredibly talented musician (my mom freaked when she found out I was going to meet him! He’s from Ottawa too :)); Dan Hill, the amazingly gifted story-teller behind many of Celine’s hits, who won us all over with his gorgeous hit single “Sometimes when we touch”; and finally, last but not least, mister Rob Wells, who was hosting and directing the whole evening. (Read my previous blogs to know more about Rob!)


The soirΓ©e was held at a high school that holds a music and performing arts program, so there were a lot of young aspiring singer/songwriters present, which was so refreshing. The auditorium was pretty much full, I would say there was about 500 people. The night began with the principal welcoming everyone, and then Rob was introduced. He in turn welcomed all four songwriters to the stage and we took our seats. The way it went down was we all took turns in speaking a little and performing one of our songs, so in total we did four rotations; two in the first act and two in the second.


Bryan Potvin is a great performer, he was delightful and entertaining with his sometimes humoristic approach to his stories πŸ™‚ Michie Mee was incredibly charismatic and engaging with her rhymes about standing up for female hip-hop artists, especially in Canada. Dan Hill was mesmerizing, just mesmerizing. I Β must admit he stole the show with his tremendously touching songs and background stories as well, such as “Sometimes when we touch” and “I am my father’s son”, after which there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire building… What an inspiration he was to me that night. And as for me, I performed some of my first singles (Falling for you and Meant to fly), and then I did two of my brand new songs for the first time in public, which was both nerve-wracking and exhilarating! Finally, Rob Wells presented his works. Since he’s not a professional singer (by day anyways, haha!), he asked for a little help from Brooklyn Roebuck (winner of 2012 the Next Star), and from yours truly πŸ™‚ Rob’s tunes included Alive by Melissa O’Neil, Feel by Victoria Duffield, and Comme Avant by Quebec singer Marie-Mai (he got me to sing these last two).


After the show, we all went to the lobby for a little meet and greet with the audience. We got to mingle with everyone and we took some pictures, signed some autographs. It was so nice to receive all these wonderful compliments from people from all ages, who said they loved my performance and that they can’t wait to hear my new music πŸ™‚ Such a nice feeling. My heart was all warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚


Over the weekend, Rob and I were saying how we should totally take this show on the road! Tell me guys, would you be interested in coming to see that type of concert? Where you get the chance to come and hear professional songwriters share their experience and the stories behind their songs? Stay tuned!


What a beautiful experience that was for me. I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you Rob for allowing me to be a part of it πŸ™‚


Here are a few pictures below! Thanks for reading, happy Monday everyone!!



Eva le dragon xoxo


Songwriters Circle 2013

Dan Hill, Michie Mee, Bryan Potvin, Me, Brooklyn Roebuck and Rob Wells!

photo 2-2

Watching and listening to Dan Hill perform… is something truly special.

Rob Wells and Brooklyn Roebuck who won The Next Star last year!

Rob Wells and Brooklyn Roebuck who won The Next Star last year!

photo 3-1

Michie Mee was bringing some energy in da house!