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Hellooo lovely friends πŸ™‚ ***VERSION FRANCO Γ€ VENIR DANS LES PROCHAINS JOURS!!!***

I hope everyone is feeling fantastic and that you guys are keeping healthy – I know this is a time of year where lots of us are getting sick. Blame the weather ups and downs. But hey, that means spring is around the corner and I don’t hear anyone complaining about that πŸ˜‰

So I wanted to give you all a little update on what I’ve been working on for the past several months. Since my return to Toronto, I’ve been writing music with some amazing songwriters. For my new project I wanted to work with a small but super powerful creative team that I knew could help me deliver the goods in terms of writing some killer tunes. So I chose a few friends of mine from Toronto whom I’ve known and worked with for several years, and with whom I felt comfortable enough to truly let myself go and pour my soul on mic and paper. I’ve posted about them on social media a few times, but let me tell you a bit more about each of them.


First of all, we have Christopher Ward, who some of you may remember from the golden years at MuchMusic (haha!). He’s interviewed countless international stars, has written world-wide hits (i.e. Black Velvet for Alannah Myles), and is a wonderful writer as well. He just released a teen novel called “Mac and the city of lights”, I highly recommend it to people of all ages! Chris is remarkably agile with words, so as far as lyric writing goes, he was the wizard in the group πŸ™‚ We would start humming a melody and he would zone out without saying a word, scribbling on his notepad. 10 minutes later he would hand us his page and genius ideas were born. Unreal.

Then we have Liz Rodrigues, a gorgeous portuguese woman who’s written songs for tons of artists, including myself, Celine and Eminem to name a few! She’s insanely talented. She’s the melody queen. She and I have a lot in common, as our biggest strengths are melodies, adlibs and BG parts. I connect with Liz on a big sister level, and I’m so thankful to have that throughout my creative process πŸ™‚ She’s in a band called The New Royales, you guys should check them out ASAP. Liz is a super warm and loving person, it’s impossible not to grow attached to her. What beautiful energy and aura she has. She has a young toddler, and she’s such a good mom. We take breaks in the studio so we can watch videos of her baby boy dancing to MJ’s Billie Jean LOL – love it!

Last but not least, mister producer (and also songwriter), the incomparable Rob Wells. Rob produced my very first album Somewhere Else, and he and I hit it off right from the start. I remember the day I met him, it was during the finale week of Idol, and we were all sitting in the lounge listening to what was going to be the winner’s single – that’s right, Meant To Fly πŸ™‚ Recording that song with him was the first time we worked together and we both knew it would not be the last. When I returned to Toronto to work on my new material, I called up Rob right away to tell him I wanted him in on my project. Of course he said yes promptly, yay! Rob is an amazing melodist, piano player and arranger. When I share my ideas and vision with him, he immediately gets it. His musical instincts are like no other and what’s amazing to me is that he always wants to keep learning and improving. He’s so humble about his work, and yet he’s a genius! Β He’s worked with BSB (!!!), Β Matt Dusk, Luke McMaster, Marie-Mai, Victoria Duffield, Nick Lachey, and Justin Bieber on his first acoustic album. He was recently in Barbados for a writing camp for Rihanna as well. Rob is a family man, who has wonderful values. He’s an amazing dad and wears his heart on his sleeve πŸ™‚

So, hopefully now you have a bit of an idea of who I’m working with! We’ve written some pretty awesome songs if I do say so myself, and I just cannot wait to have everyone hear them. Going into this new chapter of my music career, I wanted to write songs that just… FEEL GOOD. The last thing I wanted to do was to over-think it, or to analyze too much. SIMPLE is often best. I know in my gut that with this team that I put together, we were going to extract the best of me at this stage of my life and career. You know… I’m young, I’m happy, I’m sad, I hurt, I get angry, I laugh, I question myself sometimes, I have insecurities… I’m human. I love listening to songs that can transport me somewhere and have the power to alter my mood and emotions. Β I make music to see people FEEL things. Sometimes you wanna dance, or cry, or scream, and sometimes you just wanna FEEL. Melancholy, nostalgia, lust, love, sexiness, anger, bliss, whatever it is, a song can get you there. And that’s what I wanna do, because other artists have done the same for me since I could hit a play button. I’m an artist but I’m also a listener, so I know what it feels like to get lost in the music by just listening on your ipod. All this to say, that I just wanted to write songs that I would love to listen to myself, and my logic is: “If I like it, I’m pretty sure my fans will too” πŸ™‚

For those of you who are wondering what kind of sound my new songs are shaping into, I would say it like this: soulful pop with a hint of an 80s vibe. I say soulful because I put my soul into every step of the process. I say soulful because the stories I’m telling come straight from my heart. And I say 80s because through these songs you will hear glimpses of ear candy coming straight from Doc Brown’s time machine. (Hoping everyone knows which movie I’m referring to here??) hehehe. LOVE THE 80S!!!!! I also carefully selected one or two songs that will honour my peruvian background by adding some little hints of latin flavour, i.e. a spanish guitar, flutes…

As of today, the writing phase is done, and now we’re in the middle of the recording phase. All the lead parts are done, now we still have some background vocal parts to track, and then adlibs of course (my favorite part!!!), and then we are going to have a couple of what we call “clean-up days”. Clean-up days are for me to listen to the mixes we have now, take notes of the little things that are bothering me, go in the studio and re-record them. Then we work on the production and on the music. Then we take a week to listen, play for friends and family, get some feedback, and then if needed, have another clean-up and tweaking day. Then, we do final mixing and voilΓ !!! Sound easy to make an album? Lol, trust me, it’s not… but it’s SO WORTH IT!!!!

Ok guys, well, I hope you’ll stay tuned for what’s coming next!!! Here are a few pictures below, from the studio while recording. Let’s play a little game!! Those of you who have read these lines and seen the pictures, write to me on Facebook or on Twitter and tell me what you think my tee-shirt reminds you off…!!! Hehe!!

Happy week of mid-March to everyone!!!!

Much love always,

Eva le dragon



Hi :)

Hi πŸ™‚




Chris Anderson, our mixing and recording engineer :) The studio is at his house actually! Same place I recorded my first album :)

Chris Anderson, our mixing and recording engineer πŸ™‚ The studio is at his house actually! Same place I recorded my first album πŸ™‚


photo 3

In my zone.


photo 2-1

Rob Wells – the master!