From the blog...

Hello all you lovely people!!!!! Hope your weekend is going fantabulous πŸ™‚

Ohhh myyyy gaaaawd!!! It’s snowing!!!!!!! I was just as excited as a little girl when I saw the first few snowflakes!! However, the roads were extremely slippery, and I almost got into a car accident :S Wherever you are, if it’s slippery, be super super careful on the road…



I’ve been doing more promo and having a blast! Was just in Montreal for an acoustic performance on Musimax, and Thursday-Friday I did lots of media promo in Ottawa/Gatineau – my hometown!


Went to visit several radio stations, both francophone and francophone, and did some TV performances in Β Ottawa and even did a couple of intimate staff performances for some of the radio stations. On Thursday I took the time to stop by my mom’s office to surprise her and take her for lunch πŸ™‚ Was nice.


Friday night I saw my good friend Pat for dinner (we went to Lone Star, one of my favorite restos in Ottawa!!!) and then we played some board games! My favorite activity, heehee…


Tonight mom and I are entertaining my aunts and my goddaughter for dinner! On the menu: my aunt’s special spicy seafood soup, fresh shrimp spring rolls with homemade peanut sauce and for dessert, mom’s lemon meringue pie πŸ™‚ I’m hungry already just thinking about it! YUM right?


I also reunited with my beloved bull terrier, Liza. She’s staying at my mom’s for a while since my schedule is pretty nutty and I’m traveling so much… Here she is πŸ™‚







Will be posting pics of my aunts and I also!!


Hope you all have a lovely Saturday evening!!!


Love and smiles,

Eva xoxo