From the blog...

Happy Friday to all!! Hope this week has been a great one for you.

Well, my summer tour dates in Quebec are up on the site!!! Just click on “Events” and everything is posted there 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!!! Lots of fun festivals this year. Les Vikings and I are even coming to New Brunswick on August 4-5! That’s a first in 3 summers 🙂 So excited!

This week has been a good one for me, been writing some great tunes with good songwriter friends. I wrote a pop-country tune and also an 80s pop-rock one 🙂 Probably going to pitch it to a few artists or perhaps to TV/film. Possibilities are endless when it comes to placing songs, every song should have a home, right?? It’s all about having connections in the publishing world. I’m very lucky to be working with amazing songwriters.

Also, I am moving apartments so I’ve been doing lots of packing, which I absolutely looaathe lol… I think I prefer sorting through garbage over packing boxes. Packing a suitcase I don’t mind at all, I actually enjoy it. But box-packing is a different story. I think it’s the whole wrapping in newspaper, then playing tetris and trying to make everything fit perfectly in order to be space-efficient, then taping the boxes… Anyways, I hate it. Pathetic I know, haha. But, it must be done and so it shall! 🙂

I’ve also been packing clothes for my upcoming stay in Montreal. Les Vikings have a big week of rehearsals for the St-Jean Baptiste shows coming later in June. I am so excited, because this year we are playing Gatineau on June 23rd, my hometown! Yay. My whole family and some of my friends are coming. The last time I performed in Gatineau for Quebec’s national holiday was on June 23rd 2004. It was my senior year in high school, and I was the opening act for Claude Dubois 🙂 Good memories…

Well, gotta go for now! I’m gonna leave you with a goofy little video of my time spent in the studio this spring. It’s always a fun time to be working with my producer Rob Wells and Chris Anderson, the engineer. We always fool around (while working really hard of course! and they always seem to find ridiculous ways to make me laugh until I don’t even need to do sit-ups the next day LOL. The other charming little man you see in the video is my manager Jim Campbell 🙂 I call him Jiminy Cricket haha.

Have a wonderful weekend guys, and see you soon!! Don’t forget to go check out my summer tour dates!!!